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Library research

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Chelsea College library: Term time opening hours

Mon  Tues  Wed  Thurs  Fri  Sat 
9.30-19.30 9.30-19.30 10.00-19.30 9.30-19.30 09.30-17.00 10.00-15.45



Westminster Archives

WESTCAT - Westminster Archives' online resource: http://www.calmview.eu/Westminster/CalmView/

Tate Britain library & archive (anyone can use)


Books, DVDs, videos and exhibitions

Marina Abramović in conversation with Iwona Blazwick 16-10-10;  [Lisson Gallery exhibition 13 Oct-13 Nov 2010

Rirkrit Tiravaniaj exhibition Pilar Corrias, 54 Eastcastle St

Nicholas Bourriaud: Relational Aesthetics (1998)

Eric W. Sanderson: Mannahatta: A Natural History of New York City (2009)

The Story of Millbank Estate: MEMO & Young Film Academy (DVD) (2009)

Agnès Varda: The Gleaners and I [Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse] (DVD) (2000)

Agnès Varda:The Gleaners and I: Two Years Later [Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse... deux ans après] (DVD) (2002)

Rebecca Solnit; The Field Guide to Getting Lost (2005)

Lost Buildings of Britain (DVD) Channel 4 (2004)

Simon Thurley, Lost Buildings of Britain (2004)

Sharon Shalev: Supermax: Controlling Risk through solitary confinement (2009)

Catherine Edwards: The Millbank Penitentiary: excavations at the Chelsea School of Art and Design (with contributions by Karl Hulka) (London Archaeologist Winter 2006)



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