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Page history last edited by Melissa Bliss 13 years, 2 months ago
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  Calendar Log


Week 1
wbm 1 Nov 2010

Chelsea College induction day: met Kay Politowicz, Sally Tiffin, Lindsey Paylor, other AA2A artists: Jonathan Baldock, Laura Carew and Tope Tijani
Tour of workshops, library

Week 2
wbm 8 Nov

Nightwatch at St Andrews Club in Old Pye Street. 1st session - looked hard for dark places.

Walk This Way: walk with writer Sarah Butler & local residents, organised by Tate Britain. Met Annelie Sernevall, estate director of the Millbank Estate.

Week 3
wmb 15 Nov

Got staff pass, email address, library card, library induction, reserved first book (Relational Aesthetics). Set up this wiki

Presentation by Dr Zane Berzina of Kunthochschule Weissensee in Berlin about her research into textiles and static electricity.

Met Caryn Simonson, B.A. Textiles course leader, who I worked with nearly 15 years ago on "She hasn't switched it on yet…", a series of women & technology workshops held at Backspace in London.

Lecture by Helen Carnac on "Slow: exploring the identity of craft within the Slow Movement" in relation to the textile students' Millbank projectShe looked as principles  of slow design including reflection, authenticity. Her blog since 2007 makingaslowrevolution.wordpress.com.

Wrote posts for AA2AChelsea textiles students blogs.

Nightwatch 2nd session, long exposure photography

Week 4
wmb 22 Nov

AA2A presentation to staff at Chelsea College.

Met Annelie Sernevall (Estate Director) and Wilfried Rimensberger (Chair) on Millbank Estate.

Friends of Millbank Lecture (Hugh Small on Florence Nightingale), met Frank Davis (Chair).

Collected Mannahatta from LCF library.

Met a local resident for coffee.

Nightwatch 3rd session, long exposure photography & video.

Week 5
wbm 29 Nov

Tube strike & snow

Rob Rankine, space coordinator at Chelsea College, gave me a tour of the building, photos soon

Met Jess Bryant, Open Age Hub, talked about people who might be interested in the project

Parliament outreach session

Nightwatch 4th session,  long exposure photography & video.

Week 6
wbm 6 Dec
Met MA Fine Art students & emailed them all



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