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Royal Army Medical College

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Royal Army Medical College



The Royal Army Medical School  was founded in 1860 and moved to the site (now Chelsea College of Art and Design) in 1907. Its present Neo-Georgian premises were designed by Wood and Ainslie and are now listed buildings. It provided post-graduate training in military surgery, medicine, army pathology, military psychiatry, preventative medicine, general practice and dental sciences.


Built between 1904 and 1907 as the Royal Army Medical Corps Headquarters Mess and College. It comprised four buildings housing a laboratory block, a Mess and Officers’ Quarters, and the Commandant’s house.


  • Millbank Barracks North West Range (former Married Quarters) (now E block):
    c. 1898 by the Royal Engineers for the Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Millbank Barracks South West range (now D block): 
    c1898 by the Royal Engineers for the Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Officers' Mess and Commandants House (now A block):
    1904-07 by Wood and Ainslie (a civilian firm known for hospitals) for the Royal Army Medical Corps.
    Built as accommodation for the commandant, 76 officers and associated mess rooms. The Headquarters Mess is Grade II listed. Now known as Number 45 Millbank, it is managed by Chelsea College for the College and private hire. It comprises the Grand Hall on the ground floor (marble floor, mahogany staircase) and on the second floor the Officers Dining Hall (now known as the Banqueting Hall), Red Room and Green Room.
  • Southern block (now B block):
    1904-07, medical college, lecture theatre flanked by laboratories




It closed as a military hospital during the 1970s, when the Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital was built at Woolwich.  Some of its staff transferred to Woolwich but the Royal Army Medical College remained at Millbank until teaching moved to Portsmouth in 2005.  


The Coldstream, Grenadier and Scots Guards bands stayed in the barracks from the mid 70s. They lived in prefab buildings in a car park (now the parade ground) while the Wellington Barracks (near St James Park) were being renovated. There are reports of ghosts.


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